95 percent of Norwegian strawberries are sprayed 


Norwegian strawberries are sweet, good and popular, but also sprayed with a wide range of pesticides. A new report from Bioforsk shows that 95 percent of Norwegian strawberries are sprayed.

A total of 30 different pesticides are permitted for use in the production of Norwegian strawberries, according to the newspaper VG. Nine of these herbicides, fungicides are nine and twelve are substances against pests.
This causes that the sweet temptations are among the foods in Norway that are most sprayed.
Not all berries are sprayed with all drugs, it varies by crop, climate and local field conditions. Analyses conducted by the Food Authority shows that it is mostly detected seven different drugs in a single berries, while it is usually found two substances.
Head of the Section for plants and vegetable food in Food Authority, Terje Røyneberg, thinks it is a good practice to wash fruit before eating them.The  conditions are worse in foreign strawberries.
– It is true that we find several residues in foreign produced berries. This is also connected with the fact that there are more pests to fight in many European countries, he said.
Strawberry Farmer Thorleif Müller told the newspaper that Norwegian strawberries are safe to eat.
– We are very careful not to spray too close to the harvesting of the berries, he says and believes that the findings contain less hazardous materials than they did before.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today
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