Behring Breivik objects to solitary confinement 


Anders Behring Breivik is considering a lawsuit against his isolation in prison, which he considers a breach on human rights.

Breivik defense attorney, Tord Jordet, tells Aftenposten that Breivik is considering a lawsuit because he is being isolated from other prisoners and refused to have contact with individuals outside of Ila prison.

Behring Breivik was sentenced to 21 years in preventive detention, after he killed 77 people in two terrorist attacks in the Oslo region on July 22nd 2011.


“When the court sentences someone to prison, that deprivation of freedom is what constitutes the punishment. One should not be subject to further punishment from the Correctional Services in the form of stricter prison conditions than what is necessary,” Jordet argues.

Since the summer of 2011, Breivik has served time in prison under what is considered an “especially high” security level, both at Ila and in Skien prison. Jordet says that his isolation is an extra form of punishment, and a breach on human rights.

In January 2013, Breivik reported Ila prison and former Minister of Justice Grete Faremo to the police for subjecting him to long-term isolation, lack of access to an outdoor area, and exercise.

The police report was similar to what he communicated in a 27-page letter of compaint that he sent to the Correctional Services before Christmas in 2012. Breivik is now looking to have the same complaints identified as unlawful by the court.

The police report from 2013 was dismissed in February this year after the police concluded that no criminal offense could be proven.


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