Norway banking major predicts house price fall

“Prices have virtually stagnated after a jump of 1.7 per cent from December 2012 to January of this year. Property prices have fallen in four of the last six months. The price decline was 1.2 per cent in July.” The bank also added how the summer weather may have contributed to the fall, with the heat keeping people away ...Full Article

Norway Government Says Central Bank Is Winning Krone Battle (1)

The krone is still 26 percent overvalued against the euro, according to an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development gauge of 12 currencies ranked by purchasing power. Photographer: Kristian ...Full Article

Norway Industrial Workers Avert Strike With Wage Deal

OSLO, April 2 (Reuters) – Norway’s industrial workers struck a last minute wage deal on Wednesday, averting a strike that would have involved some of the country’s top oil ...Full Article

Norway agency wants to halt oil industry’s march north

(Reuters) – Norway should not award oil and gas explorationblocks further north in the Arctic Barents Sea and should withdraw more than a dozen blocks from the current licencing round, the Norwegian Environment Agency ...Full Article

Norway electric car sales smash records

Norway’s electric car market boomed in March, with sales of the environmentally friendly vehicles accounting for a record one in five of all cars registered, a national traffic group ...Full Article

Nationwide strike avoided

A nationwide strike by 11,000 industrial workers was avoided Wednesday afternoon, after the two sides finally reached a new wage agreement, through arbitration 18 hours on overtime.   A proposal by National Arbitrator Nils Dalseide was accepted by ...Full Article

Stable Norwegian Merchant Fleet

The Norwegian Merchant Fleet has remained much the same in size and scope for the last four years. At the end of 2013 the Norwegian Merchant fleet consisted of 388 ...Full Article

Norwegians’ poverty falls while rate increases in the EU

Whereas ten out of 100 people in the EU suffer from great material poverty, less than two out of hundred Norwegians are affected.   The overall poverty rate in ...Full Article

The Norwegian economy: Moderate growth to continue

The moderate growth in Norwegian economic activity experienced last year is expected to continue for another few years, acording to Statistics Norway (SSB).   SSB analysts believe that loss ...Full Article

Norway expects a 5% to 10% increase in salmon exports to Malaysia

Norway expects to increase the volume of its salmon exports to Malaysia this year by 5% to 10% from 1,900 tonnes in the previous year. Norwegian Seafood Council Regional ...Full Article
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