Swedish MPs look to Norway for votes

Sweden’s general election campaign has spilled over into Norway as political parties pursue votes among the tens of thousands of mostly young Swedes emigrating to find work with their Nordic neighbour. One in three voters have not yet decided who to vote for, according to a poll for Sveriges Radio on Thursday. High youth unemployemnet has seen a migration ...Full Article

Netherlands agrees to take Norway’s criminals

Around 300 Norwegian prisoners will serve sentence in Dutch jails from 2015. Photo: Shutterstock Norway will rent prison space in the Netherlands in an effort to cope with the current ...Full Article

Telenor Seeks Young Entrepreneurs to Attend Youth Summit in Norway

Norway’s Telenor Group, in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center, invites youth to explore how mobile and digital communication can bring social change and create opportunities for all. Photo: ...Full Article

Restrictive measures against Russia

The Government has today adopted new restrictive measures against Russia, in line with the decision announced on 11 August. The new regulations were adopted today by the King in ...Full Article

Norwegian general the first female UN force commander

Major General Kristin Lund has been appointed military commander of the UN peace keeping force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), – the first female force commander of a UN peacekeeping operation. Major General ...Full Article

Foreign Minister Brende: ‘Regrettable Russian import ban’

‘Russia’s import ban is completely unreasonable. The fact that Russia is implementing these measures shows how important it is that we stand together with our allies and partners in ...Full Article

Solberg ‘most chatty’ leader on Twitter

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg is more likely to respond to a tweet from one of her followers than any other leader in the Western world, according to this ...Full Article

Norway Wants NATO To Prepare For An Arctic Showdown

Even Norway, ensconced in the most developed corner of the world, is worried about conflict with the Russians. Today, Stephen Saideman, a professor at Carleton University in Ottawa and ...Full Article

Banner Norwegian frigate will remain in the Mediterranean

The Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad will probably be ordered to extend its mission in the Mediterranean until June 30th, according to Dagens Næringsliv. The frigate has since the new ...Full Article

Government wants to stop welfare payments to illegal immigrants

Individuals who reside in Norway without a residence permit will no longer be able to receive welfare payments. Instead, the government wants to offer food coupons and a bed ...Full Article
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