Diplomats protest against the new ambassador to Norway 


US diplomats have issued a formal protest against the proposed new diplomat to the U.S. in Norway, George James Tunis, after he mistakenly described Norway as a republic.

The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) has written a letter where they ask the U.S. government not to approve George James Tsunis as the new U.S. ambassador to Norway.

Tsunis was appointed by president Barack Obama to be the new U.S. Ambassador to Norway, but was ridiculed by both the media, the public and other diplomats after he revealed a lack of knowledge about Norway and Norwegian politics in hearing in the U.S. senate.

Tunis was questioned by Senator John McCain when he mistakenly referred to Norway as a republic, and then described the Progress Party as a party that “Norway has been quick to dimiss.” He failed to recognize that the Progress Party is in fact in government.

The Washington Post reports that it is rare for the AFSA to get this involved in the appointment of new ambassadors.

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