Dutch immigrants invited to Norway 

The number of people from the Netherlands who have moved to the county of Telemark has tripled in 10 years, after a recruitment company was hired to bring in Dutch workers.

Within the last four years, 21 Dutch families have arrived in Telemark. The Jackson family is the last one to arrive, and is the result of a purposeful project started by the local municipalities.

“Some have started their own business. Others work for the municipality or in other companies here in Mid-Telemark,” says Eva Rismo, head of industry and culture in Nome, a town in Telemark.

The families were recruited through Placement, a recruitment company that specifically went out on a mission to look for new, Norwegian citizens.

Rismo is amazed by the determination these lifestyle-immigrants brought with them from abroad. She explains that they showed great desire to work, and that they have been a positive addition to the local community, including kindergartens, schools and the trade sectors.

Lately, the number of new Dutch immigrants has slowed down. A natural development, says Gert Rietman, the entrepreneur who has helped making connections between municipalities and the citizens looking for a new challenge.

According to Rietman, a major reason is the large number of Polish, Baltic and other immigrants from around Europe, which has lead to more new citizens across the country.

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