Headhunters star could be next Bond girl: report 

Norwegian actress Synnøve Macody Lund is one of eight women competing to become the next ‘Bond girl’, Norway’s Dagbladet newspaper has reported.

According to the paper, the 38-year-old Headhunters star has recently filmed audition scenes in Copenhagen for the provisionally named “Bond 24″, which, like Skyfall, will star Daniel Craig as James Bond and have Sam Mendes as director. The film’s producers have confirmed they are recruiting a woman with typical Scandinavian features to play “a woman with a difficult history” in the film.
If Lund gets the role and is cast as one of Bond’s love interests, the mother of two will become the eldest Bond girl in the history of the franchise.
In Ian Fleming’s 14 Bond books, Pussy Galore, the eldest of Bond’s lovers, is described by Bond as “in her early thirties” .
According to Dagbladet, Lund would only confirm that she had met Sam Mendes at Pinewoods Studio outside London.
“It was a great moment for me as a film enthusiast, and I was more than a little nervous,” the former TV2 film journalist told the newspaper. “Just to look inside Pinewood Studios, with all its Bond props on display, was amazing.”
Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has reported that Disa Östrand (27) and Ida Engvoll (28) are also in the running.
Norway has already had one Bond girl, Julie Ege, who played Helen in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969).
Sweden, on the other hand, has contributed no fewer than six Bond girls (click here for a full list). Swedish actor Ola Rapace played one of the villains in Skyfall.
According to film journalist Morten Steingrimsen, who edits James Bond magazine, Lund fits into the new trend for more psychologically complex Bond girls.
“Synnøve has something Bond-like about her, and it is easy to imagine that she could develop a good dynamic with Craig and create a complex, interesting and different Bond girl,” he said.
“In recent years there has been a clear trend towards making Bond’s female counterpart something more than a sex symbol.”
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