Important dates in the Nobel year 


Alfred Nobel died on the December 10, 1895, and it has been an established tradition ever since 1901 for the Peace Prize to be presented on that date at a solemn award ceremony. The Peace Prize award ceremony takes place in the Oslo City Hall, in the presence of representatives of the Royal Family, the Government, the Storting, and about 1,000 other guests. The other Nobel Prizes are awarded on the same day at a corresponding ceremony in the Stockholm Concert Hall. Banquets in honour of the Laureates are held the same evening. In Oslo the banquet is held at the Grand Hotel, outside which there is often a torchlight procession in honour of the Laureate. The Swedish banquet is held in the Stockholm City Hall.

During the Nobel week in December, four other regular events are traditionally held under Norwegian Nobel Committee auspices. On December 9, the Laureate gives a press conference at the Norwegian Nobel Institute, where he or she meets the members of the Nobel Committee and Institute staff. In the evening, the Laureate is the Nobel Committee’s guest at the so-called “little dinner” at the Grand Hotel. On the evening December 11, the Laureate goes to the big Nobel Concert put on in Oslo Spektrum and televised to many countries.

The deadline for nominating a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize is February 1. Special rules govern who is entitled to submit a valid nomination.

There is no set date for when the Norwegian Nobel Committee must announce the name of the year’s Peace Prize Laureate. The announcement is usually made at 11 a.m. on the second Friday in October. According to the statutes of the Nobel Foundation, the Committee must have published its choice by November 15 at the latest.

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