Norway limits access to more refugees 

norway limists

36 Syrian refugees that the UN’s High Commissioner asked Norway to receive have been denied entrance for medical reasons. In the future even more refugees will be denied entrance to Norway.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is in the process of selecting 375 Syrian refugees that can come to Norway. However, the municipalities’ clear message is that Norway can not accommodate any more Syrians in need of extensive medical care. 

Minister of Justice Anders Anundsen (Frp) has asked the UDI to take this into consideration. The result is that directorate has to deny refuge to several Syrians who need comprehensive medical care. 

“This issue is about selecting those who can come to Norway. For us it is important to prioritize the most vulnerable groups, but we are dependent on the health care system and municipalities having the capacity to take care of those who arrive,” Anundsen says. 

Source: The Norway Post

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