Norway’s emergency reponse faces more criticism 


The Ministry of Justice’s effort to improve Norway’s civil protection and emergency preparedness is strongly criticized in a new report. The report concludes that several of the measures suggested by the July 22nd commission have still not been followed up on. The criticism is directed at the current Minister of Justice Anders Anundsen (the Progress Party/FrP), but also his predecessor Grete Faremo (Labour Party/Ap).

The report concludes that the ministry has not ensured that the judiciary as a whole maintains focused and efficient emergency preparedness. It also states that the ministry does not have an overview of the statuses of the processed implented to improve civil protection, something the Minister of Justice is supposed to provide regular updates on to the government.

An internal conflict in government between the Department of Police and the Department of Rescue and Emergency Response has still not been resolved. Their cooperation is supposedly so bad that it affects the efficiency and quality of their work, the report describes.

“This audit was done just after the change in government, and it is a good status report. In that sense I am lucky, because now it is my job to organize what has not been sorted out before,” says the current Minister of Justice, Anundsen.

Faremo has said that she does not want to comment on the issue until she has read the report.

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