– Norwegian food production will become increasingly important 


Two out of three respondents in a recent survey believe that Norwegian food production will become more important in the future in order to secure people’s food supply.

Whereas the majority thinks that Norwegian food production will become increasingly important, 17 percent of respondents believe that imported foods will be enough to cover Norway’s food demand.

In 2012, 43 percent of our food consumption were products that had been produced in Norway, a five percent decline from 2011. A decline in the production of food grains is the main reason for the reduction.

Director of Reseach at Bioforsk, Nils Vagstad, says that there are several factors that point towards a more unstabile and less predictable food supply on the future’s global market.

“This is partly due to climate change, political instability and a fight over fewer resources. On the other hand there has been a tremendous development in the global food production between 1950 and up until 2000 as a result of modernization, streamlined processes and new technology. This has contributed to increased food production and a better quality,” Vagstad says.

The survey was conducted by Sentio on behalf of the Norwegian Agricultural Cooperation (Norsk Landbrukssamvirke).

Source. (Aftenposten)/ The Norway Post

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