Norwegians’ poverty falls while rate increases in the EU 


Whereas ten out of 100 people in the EU suffer from great material poverty, less than two out of hundred Norwegians are affected.


The overall poverty rate in Norway is declining, but for the rest of Europe the development is the opposite. One fourth of EU-citizens are in danger of being affected by material or social need.


In a recent survey, only 1,7 percent of Norwegians fell into the category of “serious material poverty.” This entails having a standard of living that is so limited that one cannot afford at least four of nine things defined by the EU’s statistics office, Eurostat.

Only Switzerland, Sweden and Luxembourg show a smaller percentage of serious material poverty in Europe than Norway.

In comparison, approximately 30 percent of Romanians responded that they cannot afford at least four of the nine items on the list, which includes being able to pay rent and bills, keeping one’s residence heated, having one week of vacation away from one’s hom each year, and being able to eat fish, meat or other protein-rich food every other day.

The survey also loooked at the development of poverty, and Norway’s poverty rate has declined by 1,2 percent between 2008 and 2012. It has increased the most in the countries that are suffering from a financial crisis and high unemployment.


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