Record low support for the Progress Party 


The latest poll shows that the Progress Party, part of the government coalition, has the lowest support among voters since 1997, at 12,8 percent. Down 2,2 percentage points from last month.

Whereas the Progress Party (FrP) drops on the poll, Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s Conservative Party (Høyre) gains 1,1 percentage points and ends up at 27,6 percent.

However, the changes are still within the estimated margin of error, which is between 1,5 to 3,3 percentage points.

The poll, conducted by Ipsos MMI on behalf of Dagbladet, shows that the Labour Party (Ap) is still Norway’s largest party with support from 33,7 percent of the respondents. The party moves back 0,7 percent from last month.

The Liberal Left Party (Venstre) moves forward by 0,3 percentage points to 5,5 percent, which according to this poll ranks them as Norway’s fourth largest party. The Socialist Left Party (SV) gains 1,7 percentage points and ends up at 5 percent.

If this poll had been the result of an election, the non-socialist bloc that consists of the Conservative Party, the Progress Party and the Christian Democrats would have been reduced from the 96 mandates they have in Parliament today to a total of 87 mandates. The socialist parties would have received 82 mandates.


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