Strong Norwegian reaction to escalating violence in Gaza 


I am appalled by the violence in Gaza over the last few days, which is affecting large numbers of civilians, including large numbers of children who have been killed or seriously wounded under Israeli attacks. On Friday night alone, 16 people were killed, and altogether 121 people have been killed since the hostilities began. I strongly condemn this use of violence,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende. 

‘The rocket attacks against Israel are unacceptable, and they must stop immediately. Israel has the right to defend itself, but I deplore the disproportionate use of violence in Gaza, and the great suffering that is being inflicted on the civilian population. Israel has a duty to respect the requirement under humanitarian law of proportionality. There are also specific rules for military operations in such closely populated areas. In my view, Israel should investigate the incidents where purely civilian targets have been hit,’ said Mr Brende. He also warned against a further escalation in the form of an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza. 

‘It must be possible for humanitarian assistance to reach Palestinians in Gaza, and it is vital that immediate action is taken to ensure that help reaches those in need,’ said Mr Brende.

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