The Parliament, the Palace and the people celebrate the Constitution 


The Parliament, the Government, the Royal Family and the Supreme Court were all present at Parliament when the Norwegian Constitution was celebrated on Thursday.

The anniversary meeting in the Parliament Hall was the Parliament’s formal ceremony to celebrate the Norwegian Constitution’s 200-year anniversary. At the very front of the room were King Harald, Queen Sonja, Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Astrid and Princess Ingrid Alexandra.

The President of the Parliament, Olemic Thommessen (Høyre/The Conservative Party) held a speech where he talked about the Norwegian democracy, its history in Norway, as well as its future. He emphasized that Norway is a country built on values and qualities that deserve to celebrated.

“Throughout 200 years we have built a good society, and the celebration of our constitution has truly become a celebration for the people. However, complacency can be dangerous, and Democracy is a fragile structure. It must be maintained, and if it shall remain it must offer good solutions and keep with the times,” Thommessen said.

The Parliament was decorated with red, white and blue flowers for the celebration. The red carpets had been rolled out, and the government representatives were all dressed in traditional national costumes. The meeting itself was shown on big screens outside of Parliament, at Eidsvolls Square, so that spectators could follow the ceremony.

“It was great, a good atmosphere and a touch of humour, which is good,” Prime Minister Erna Solberg told Aftenposten about the anniversary meeting. “This day marks the birth of modern Norway. It is about the content of the Constitution, but just as much about its basis for how Norway became a free and independent country in 1905,” Solberg explains.

After the meeting at Parliament the celebration continued at Eidsvoll’s Square. Several artists performed, and a huge cake was served to all the guests. More than 400 of Norway’s mayors participated in the celebration.

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