Watch The Northern Lights From A Giant Floating Glass Snowflake 

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Watch The Northern Lights From A Giant Floating Glass Snowflake

A snowflake-shaped glass hotel will be floating off the coast of northern Norway’s Tromsø in December 2016, reports say.


The project, entitled Krystall, is designed to be self-sustainable. The 120-metre structure (some 394 feet) will accommodate 86 guest rooms and include a spa, wellness facilities, and conference rooms.

This unique five star hotel will also only be accessible by boat. It is expected to attract wealthy visitors from Europe, Japan and Russia.

“In the hotel, you’ll float through hallways lined with cool, futuristic blue shapes, recline by a fireplace faced in transparent bricks resembling ice blocks and sleep in rooms tricked out in minimalist, winter-themed designs,” Dutch architect Koen Othuis told US broadcaster CNN.

Mr Olthuis, founder of Waterstudio, which specializes in floating structures, was inspired by the floating architecture in his home country.

“[Company] Dutch Docklands has learned to live with the water instead of fighting it,” the firm states. “Floating houses are common in the Netherlands but we took that technology abroad and scaled it up in size.”

Waterstudio is collaborating with architects from Dutch Docklands, which specialises in floating developments, amongst other things.

“We live in a dynamic world where static buildings do not bring us the needed flexibility. Building on water brings us new space for expansion, safety against floods and flexibility to adjust developments without demolition whenever needed,” Waterstudio’s Koen Olthuis says.

The snowflake hotel has a glass roof, which will provide guests with picturesque views of the Northern lights and is said to be a prime location for nature lovers. It was modelled on this winter weather feature in order to be nature friendly and not disturb the area.

“Because it’s floating, we do not have any impact on that location. If you take it away after 100 years or so, it will not leave any footprint,” Mr Olthuis concludes.

The cost of building Krystall remains undisclosed, but the budget is 15% higher than the cost of building the structure on land.

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